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From Illya Kysil <>
Subject Re: Read JSR 045 SMAP Files Produced by Jasper
Date Sun, 12 Jun 2011 14:12:31 GMT
Eric Sheridan <esheri3 <at>> writes:

> List,
> I am developing an application that programmatically leverages the
> Apache Jasper JspC facilities to translate JSP source files into their
> Java (Servlet) equivalents. For this application, I need to be able to
> translate a Java line number back to the original JSP line number. I
> have JspC producing SMAP files which should contain most/all the
> information I need. However, I am having trouble finding any existing
> open source libraries that have the ability to parse JSR 045 SMAP files.
> I was hoping to come across an open source library that offered API such as:
> SmapParser parser = new SmapParser(inputStream);
> Smap smap = parser.parse();
> int jspLineNumber = smap.getJspLineNumber(javaLineNumber);
> Does any such code exist? If so, would you mind pointing me to
> it? If not, any alternative solutions to looking up the original JSP
> line number given that I am working with Apache Jasper?

I've just uploaded a code which does source map parsing and resolves the line
numbers across stratum. This code was created back in 2004 as part of
JspCompiler module for NetBeans 3.6.

See class Resolver and methods main and resolve.

See for the code repository.

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