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From Konstantin Kolinko <>
Subject Re: CrawlerSessionManagerValve - problem with removing sessionInfo
Date Mon, 27 Jun 2011 21:48:34 GMT
2011/6/27 Martin Kouba <>:
> Recently I've been using adapted code of CrawlerSessionManagerValve from
> Tomcat 7 on Tomcat 6 (JBossWeb 2.1.4 respectively). It works well. However I
> observed a lot of HTTP sessions that were created even if
> CrawlerSessionManagerValve logged sucessfull bot detection. Finally I found
> that problem is in the way CrawlerSessionManagerValve removes expired
> session infos. See
> The problem occurs in case of bot makes pause between requests that lasts at
> least "sessionInactiveInterval" and is not shorter than
> "sessionInactiveInterval" + 60 seconds. In this situation the real HTTP
> session is already destroyed but corresponding SessionInfo still exists.
> CrawlerSessionManagerValve detects bot and finds SessionInfo. New HTTP
> session is created but CrawlerSessionManagerValve just changes sessionInfo
> lastAccessed property (because sessionInfo != null).
> The problem code is in method backgroundProcess() where expireTime is
> resolved: (sessionInactiveInterval + 60) * 1000. It's possible that those
> +60 seconds have some meaning nevertheless they may cause creation of
> hundreds of useless HTTP sessions. My opinion is that backgroundProcess() is
> not the right way to remove expired session infos. I guess that more
> suitable solution is to make CrawlerSessionManagerValve implementor of
> org.apache.catalina.SessionListener and remove expired session info on

It would be nice if you'd open an issue in Bugzilla.

You can include a link back to this thread,

> I tried to modify the code and it seems that
> CrawlerSessionManagerValve works now even better.

You can attach a patch to the issue.

Best regards,
Konstantin Kolinko

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