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From Tim Funk <>
Subject Re: Tomcat with Cisco ACE Load Balancer
Date Thu, 02 Jun 2011 11:20:56 GMT
 This looks looks like a nice time to look at your existing traffic and get
actuals of
1) Hits per second
2) Bandwidth usage

Then use your access logs (or if you have a test suite - use that ...
guessing owning 8 weblogic instances probably means there was a budget to
own a test suite) to determine the load to hit a single tomcat instance. Now
stress test that single tomcat instance.

Now you have a baseline of what a single tomcat can do. Can a single
instance handle all the traffic? if so - you are done since you have a
second server available you now have failover/redundancy.

if your still reading to this point - the above is a lie. [ok - not a lie
... just not completely accurate] We don't know how session management is
handled. If session management is clustered where both tomcats need to
handle the other tomcat's sessions in failover ... then you have more
performance testing todo. Because the overhead to replicate sessions may
overwhelm the server. (via cpu, network, or both) If you are doing sticky
management where a server goes down and all the sessions are lost ... then -
you actually are done your testing. (and can easily scale too - minus that
one pesky side effect of session loss)

[As other mentioned too ... Tomcat is just a servlet container - if your
using any other J2EE features - they might not be readily available on

[I have a suspicion that you can run one tomcat on each server with no
problem and greatly simplify the existing setup.]


On 6/1/2011 4:08 PM, Tauqir Akhtar wrote:

Thanks Pid for you updates.

All I am trying here to implement Tomcat in Load Balanced Environment.
WE have Java EE base web Application. And we have two 36 GB web
servers. Currently they have WebLogic installed on them. Four Instance
of WebLogic managed servers run on each machine. Our Java
Appplicatiion is deployed on all of these web servers.

Machine 1  : WebsLogicServer1 (Port : 6001)
  		WebsLogicServer2 (Port : 6002)
		WebsLogicServer3 (Port : 6003)
		WebsLogicServer4 (Port : 6004)

Machine 1  : WebsLogicServer4 (Port : 6005)
  		WebsLogicServer6 (Port : 6006)
		WebsLogicServer7 (Port : 6007)
		WebsLogicServer8 (Port : 6008)

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