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From Rainer Jung <>
Subject Re: TC 7.0.16 IllegalStateException thrown by pageContext.include
Date Fri, 24 Jun 2011 05:03:47 GMT
On 24.06.2011 03:47, David Wall wrote:
>>> out.write("<script type=\"text/javascript\">\n");
>>> pageContext.include("/static/esf/esf.js",true);
>>> out.write("</script>\n");
>>> But the exception IllegalStateException is thrown on the include of
>>> the esf.js file.  The reason is null, so there's no more details.  I
>>> find it odd in that the two prior includes works okay, but that third
>>> one fails.  The file is definitely there (and has been working under
>>> TC 6.0 before).
>> When I change the code to use /static/esf/esf.javascript and rename
>> the file to have the same suffix, the exception is not thrown.
>> Is there anything special about the .js suffix on a file for
>> pageContext.include()?
> Okay, I learned that this is because web.xml for TC 6 uses:
> <mime-mapping>
> <extension>js</extension>
> <mime-type>text/javascript</mime-type>
> </mime-mapping>
> But TC 7 uses:
> <mime-mapping>
> <extension>js</extension>
> <mime-type>application/javascript</mime-type>
> </mime-mapping>
> If I put the old TC 6 version in my app's web.xml, then it works again.
> Question: Is this to be expected?  Is TC 7 doing the "right thing"
> here?  Am I breaking something when I update my app's web.xml to say
> it's 'text' again?
> Seems like javascript is really text, and so treating as something else
> is not correct, even if the mime type is correctly supposed to be
> application/javascript.  Maybe TC needs to "know" this particular mime
> type is text and not binary data?

We synced all mime types with the definitions from the Apache Web
Server. Looking at the IANA MIME type registry

you can verify, that they list text/javascript as "obsolete" and
application/javascript without restriction. So from a standards point of
view it is the "right" thing, maybe not for usability?



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