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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: ***SPAM*** Re: ***SPAM*** maxPostSize syntax
Date Mon, 06 Jun 2011 17:00:19 GMT
On 06/06/2011 15:09, Christopher Schultz wrote:
> David,
> On 6/2/2011 8:12 AM, David kerber wrote:
>> I would think overriding Integer.parseInt(), or adding an equivalent
>> method to the code section that loads the various configuration files
>> would be the most efficient way to do this globally.
> Of course, overriding Integer.parseInt isn't a Good Idea, but using some
> other integer-parsing routine everywhere in Tomcat might not be a bad
> idea, especially for things where specifying magnitude using things like
> "M", "G", etc. seems reasonable.
>> I'd love to have this abbreviation capability, but I can barely keep up
>> with my own company's code-writing needs, so I just use a calculator and
>> enter the actual integer value where it's needed.
> Log it in BZ. In this case, it should be nearly trivial. Extending it to
> other places would be trivial in each case, but identifying those cases
> is labor-intensive.
> If you review the documentation and just mention every setting in the
> enhancement request, it'll be much easier to implement.

The pace to implement this for folks wanting to look at writing a patch
is likely to be in either the digester parsing code or in
IntrospectionUtils. (he says without looking at the codebase at all)


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