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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: maxPostSize syntax
Date Thu, 02 Jun 2011 20:06:48 GMT
Olivier Lefevre wrote:
> You guys have a chip on your shoulder. This is Java.
> "<x>M", "<x>m", "<x>G" and "<x>g" are accepted as
> sizes by all the -Xm? options, so why not by Tomcat.
> M and G are size units, too.
> Other than dudes with an attitude like you, nobody
> refers to 64M as 67108864.
this doesn't help.

You idea about the M and G (and K) suffixes is not fundamentally a bad one, and requested
nicely as an enhancement it may have stood some chance of being added in a future version
of Tomcat. But if I was one of the Tomcat developers, even one with a very small attitude,
  after the above post I would now just put it on the list for Tomcat 15.0.

The normal answer to a post like the one above would be to ignore it, and to further
ignore any future posts by the same author.
Let me explain why :
First there is this :
- the "dudes" which develop Tomcat do this for free, on their own time.
- many of these same dudes also spend time watching this list and trying to help other
people in resolving Tomcat issues, also for free.
- there exist good software developers with an attitude; there are also many without an
- there are also many other people who have never contributed useful software to the
community, but seem perfectly content to use the results of the work of the former for
free, and just contribute critics and sarcasm.  I believe these people are commonly
referred to as "leaches". One may also say they have an attitude.
- I am neither a good software developer nor one of the Tomcat developers, and have never
contributed any code to Tomcat; I just use it. But I have personally met several of the
Tomcat developers. They are nice people, and I cannot remember any one of them having "an

In summary : you are using for free a very good software package which others have
developed. It does not have a minor feature which you would find nice. You ask about it,
get a couple of answers which you don't like, and your response is to become abusive.

I believe that the best course now would be to apologise, and re-phrase your request
politely and constructively.
And if also by chance you happened to be a Java developer and willing to contribute your
skills, the Tomcat source code is available, also for free, and the Tomcat developers
would probably be very receptive to a proposal from you for implementing your suggestion,
in the form of a patch.
They may even then forget your last post.

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