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From cowwoc <>
Subject Re: One process per webapp
Date Wed, 15 Jun 2011 13:20:37 GMT

Hi Tim,

Tim Funk-2 wrote:
> 1) If relying on native - it might be easiest to place the
> System.loadLibrary() and its classes in the common classloader. Then use a
> Valve to call System.loadLibrary() so it's only called once. Hack, yes ...
> also very simple to do. This might allow webapps to be reloaded without a
> problem [depending on the nature of the change.]

This won't work. I am modifying the native library in between reloads.

Tim Funk-2 wrote:
> 2) apache httpd can easily handle the proxy scenario. Utilize the hot
> standby feature and have it point to the primary Tomcat. Then when you
> wish
> to restart ... you can bring up a new Tomcat which will be configured as
> the
> hot standby. Then shutdown the primary Tomcat and all traffic goes to the
> hot standby. Once the primary is down, change the proxy rules that now the
> failover is the primary and the standby will be located in the config for
> the next new tomcat instance. All the the proxy rules can be in an
> include.
> (a really simple one - probably less then 10 lines) You'd also need some
> httpd graceful restarts in there too to capture the new changes to the
> include proxy rule file. All of the this can probably be easily
> scriptable.
> (Even though there was a desire to avoid scripting)

Great. The problem is that I need Netbeans to do all this legwork so that
when I create a new web project I don't have to manually add all of this
configuration. If this functionality was built into Tomcat, everyone work
benefit automatically regardless of what IDE they use. Also note that it
requires the use of Apache httpd which is even more stuff I'd have to
configure/manage. Like I said from the beginning, this is more about
ease-of-use and productivity than it is about a technical challenge. All of
this is technically "doable" right now but it's not easy to do productively.

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