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From cowwoc <>
Subject Re: One process per webapp
Date Tue, 14 Jun 2011 19:38:58 GMT

Pid * wrote:
> You can, right now, start blank Tomcat instances and deploy apps to them
> - managing the instance using JMX.

Granted I can do a lot of this myself, but it's a lot of work for every user
to reinvent this wheel. This kind of feature needs to be improved in the
official release.

Pid * wrote:
> What you can't do, is seamlessly transfer request processing from one
> running JVM to another - using Tomcat instances alone - because you
> can't exactly determine when one instance releases a port, enabling
> another to bind to it.

You don't need to wait. You have a proxy webapp running on port 80 that
redirects traffic to whatever port each webapp runs on. When an admin
restarts a webapp you simply redirect traffic to the port of the new Tomcat
instance (which may differ from the port of the instance you are shutting
down). That way you don't need to wait for the old instance to shut down
(which is slow) before launching the new one.

Pid * wrote:
> Tomcat has some memory leak prevention capability (since 6.0.24) but JNI
> memory issues it can't prevent.  What problems are you seeing?

The new leak prevention is great, but last time I checked it couldn't solve
100% of offending libraries/webapps. Running webapps in their own JVM would
be a 100% fix without having to resort to any magic/hacks.

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