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From cowwoc <>
Subject Re: One process per webapp
Date Tue, 14 Jun 2011 19:28:22 GMT

Christopher Schultz-2 wrote:
> Why bother redeploying, then? Instead of doing "ant redeploy", just do
> "ant bounce" or something similar.

I am running inside Netbeans (remember the focus here is on improving
development productivity, less so on improving production deployments).
Modifying what they run under the hood is probably not going to be trivial.

> * Faster webapp redeploys if the entire JVM is restarted. I'm aiming for
> one
> second but currently we're at ten seconds.

Christopher Schultz-2 wrote:
> Tomcat simply takes a certain amount of time to start. The fewer things
> you have configured at startup the better, but Tomcat starts up pretty
> quickly. Generally speaking, it's your webapp that is going to take a
> long time to start up if you have lots of things happening in
> ServletContextListeners, load-on-startup Servlets, etc.
> If you deploy no webapps, how long does it take Tomcat to start up?

It takes about 10 seconds to shut down and start up a new instance. Starting
up a new instance is fairly quick. Shutting down takes a while.

When restarting a webapp, we don't have to wait for the old instance to
finish shutting down (which is slow) before transferring access to another
Tomcat instance. The new instance can simply bind to a different port and
the proxy running at port 80 can switch which port it is redirecting
requests to. The only snag I can think of is that the old instance might
keep files locked on disk (but I think this is no longer the case with
Tomcat 7.x)

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