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From Michal Singer <>
Subject RE: fail to download large static files in tomcat
Date Wed, 29 Jun 2011 06:21:46 GMT
Hi, I didn't understand where you recommended to move the Context to,
What is the bundles.xml? are you referring to web.xml for a specific web application?
Thanks, Michal

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From: Caldarale, Charles R [] 
Sent: ג 28 יוני 2011 15:51
To: Tomcat Users List
Subject: RE: fail to download large static files in tomcat

> From: Michal Singer [] 
> Subject: RE: fail to download large static files in tomcat

> From the tomcat documentation I read this useSendFile is default 
> to true and it is defined under nio.

This is correct; NIO does support sendfile, as does APR.

> As I mentioned before, I am defining the static context 
> under Engine->Host->Context:

Which is not recommended, since you're modifying server.xml for a specific webapp.  Better
to place the <Context> element in conf/Catalina/[host]/bundles.xml, with just a docBase
attribute.  I'd recommend using an absolute path for docBase, since a relative one is dependent
on how you start Tomcat.

> This does not correspond to a specific connector

Requests received over a <Connector> with useSendfile set will be processed with sendfile,
those received on a <Connector> without sendfile capability won't use it.  If you use
the NIO class for all of your HTTP or HTTPS <Connector> elements, you'll get sendfile
by default.

 - Chuck

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