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From sebb <>
Subject [OT?] Virtual hosting - does the port need to match the URL port?
Date Tue, 17 May 2011 21:04:30 GMT
HTTP requests include a "Host:" header which generally specifies the
target hostname and port (omitted if it is the default port).

AIUI, in virtual hosting situations, the name in the Host header may
be different from the URL host.
So for example a request to:


might be sent with the header:

Host: stimpy:8080

in order to direct the request to the "stimpy" virtual host.

Does it ever make sense for the "Host" port to be different from the
URL port? For example:

Host: stimpy:9090

As far as I can tell, Tomcat validates the format of the Host header,
but otherwise ignores the port?
Is that correct?

Does anyone know of other servers that make use of the Host port setting?

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