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From cpanon <>
Subject Tomcat 6 Struts 1.3
Date Sun, 01 May 2011 23:31:27 GMT
I have an odd but systemic problem with an otherwise working implementation.  I 
am unable to get any technique to dynamically recalculate a page from an 
action.  I have tried the following
1.  Defined a frameset with the "top" frame specified in realtime with jstl.  It 
works the first time, there after even though I am positive I ave set the 
elements in my form bean for the new jsp, it fails to recalculate and show the 
different jsp.  The second time is, of course the exact same approach that works 
the first time, nothing changes and neither does the inclusion of the new jsp 
the second time.
2.  Tiles.  Defined a template, this time without a frameset, very standard 
header, body, footer.  Defined tiles-defs.xml  to extend the template and just 
change the put for the body.  Again it does not recalculate, reprocess the 
page.  How can this be.  I am successfully forwarding the first time to a 
definition in the tiles-defs.  The second time I am also doing the same, 
forwarding to a definition in tiles-defs and it does not work;I see the old 
previous result.  

3.  jsp:include.  Define another template that simulates the Tiles approach but 
rather than named areas more primitively makes three rows in a table and uses 
jstl to pick off the correct jsp for that section.  Again it fails after the 
first time.  Even thought I specify a different name for the body, set it in the 
form bean, specify it as jsp:include page=${sessionScope.formBean.bodyName}, it 
does not work, after the first time.  Of course even when I first remove the 
formbean and populate it and add it to the session.  

How can I be having this systemic problem not alleviated by any of the different 
designs?  Any one of these should have  worked.  To have all of them fail has 
cost me many days and worse.  Any help appreciated.  
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