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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Hosting a website
Date Wed, 25 May 2011 22:26:26 GMT
abdelghni belfkih wrote:
> First, I assure you that tomcat is already installed in that server, because
> i have seen the default page which shows that tomcat is successfully
> installed and works.

Good to know.  We did not know that before, or did we ?

> But, my issue isn't with tomcat itself but with transferring a website from
> a local server ( Ubuntu 10.10) to a distant and a payable server via
> DirectAdmin.
What do you mean by "website" ? "" is a website, composed of many 
applications and running on several hundred or thousands of physical hosts.

> Anyway i don't want to bother you with that problem since i have been told
> that it dosn't concern this mailing list.

setting up Tomcat or a website or a web application is not poetry or politics.
It is one of these dry technical matters which needs precise information, and you cannot 
expect helpful answers if you do not provide this information first.

It is not that your problem does not /concern/ this mailing list, or that people here 
would not want to help you.
The issue is that people on this list have no knowledge of that remote server, or of this

"DirectAdmin" of which you are talking, and thus cannot help you with that particular 
aspect. (We don't know if it provides a console, if it provides for file transfer, if you

can use it to stop/start Tomcat or change its configuration etc..)

It is also that the expression "transfer a website" is not very clear.
Are you talking about one web application (or webapp or context), or about a whole 
webserver "host" containing multiple web applications ?

The point is, you have not asked your question in a way such that people here would know 
if they can help or not, or how.

Let me give you an example of a very simple case :

- IF you have read the on-line Tomcat documentation
- IF the remote server has Tomcat installed, and the versions of Java and Tomcat on your 
local server and remote server are relatively similar to one another
- IF the remote Tomcat server has the Tomcat Manager application installed and running, 
and accessible from your current location
- IF you know the user-id and password to access the Manager application
- IF what you must transfer is a single web application
- and IF that web application is already packaged as one single "war" file (a special kind

of zip file containing the whole web application)

- you could install that web application on the remote server using simply a browser :
   - call up the Manager application on the remote server
   - on that page, there is a section "WAR file to deploy", that you can use to upload
     your web application ".war" file, and deploy it right away.

and you would not even need to use this "DirectAdmin" at all.

But you did not tell us any of that, and just asked us about DirectAdmin.

If you are not in the simple case above, then moving one or more applications from server1

to server2 will probably be more complicated, and
1) will most probably involve copying files from the one to the other. So you should find

out (from your ISP support people, or from some "DirectAdmin" support people) how this works
2) may involve editing/changing some Tomcat configuration files on the remote server, so 
you should also find out how to do that.
3) will probably involve restarting Tomcat on the remote server, so you should also find 
out how to do that
4) if the versions of Java and/or Tomcat and/or the O.S. are different between your local

machine and the remote server, then there may be more things to change. So you should also

find that out.

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