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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: TomCat 7 + Socket & Java Version
Date Tue, 17 May 2011 14:03:30 GMT
Micka wrote:
> Thx for the advise, My mail will be better for the next time.
> To explain better my application, it is a TCP server. And it received
> connection requests from clients.
> In my configuration I'm automatically waiting and accepting a connection
> with :
> After that I give the socket to a Thread to communicate with the device.
> In my case the device, works with commands. And to check if there is no
> errors during the communication, It send me back an echo.
> Each time that i send a command, I check if the echo is the same, if not, I
> create an Exception.
> is that better ? :p

Yes, now it is starting to make sense.
The "devices" (which are not browsers), are actually TCP clients, but after establishing a

connection with the server (your application), they become "passive" and wait for further

commands from your Tomcat application.


So now, and purely by curiosity, whhy is your application then hosted under Tomcat, if it

is already its own TCP server and manages its own threads ?

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