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From Michał Kapituła <>
Subject Re: Slow SSL connections after Tomcat 5 to 7 migration
Date Thu, 05 May 2011 14:21:33 GMT
I've made some thread dumps with https connection in progress.

W dniu 2011-05-04 15:49, Caldarale, Charles R pisze:
>> From: Michał Kapituła []
>> Subject: Slow SSL connections after Tomcat 5 to 7 migration
>> I've just tested the page generation time via local network (and
>> browser's cache off) and the page is being fully loaded in circa 2
>> seconds (with Firebug on) when using http, while loading the same
>> page using secure connection took as much as 10 times longer.
> If the CPU usage is not high during page generation over SSL, and the network isn't inducing
delays, then the threads must be waiting for something.  Can you take some thread dumps during
the delay period and find out what they're stuck on?  (My suspicion is reads from /dev/random,
but I thought that was only during Tomcat initialization.)

   Really I don't know what to search for there (maybe you could give me 
some clues?). Could you explain why reading from /dev/random possibly 
could be the case here?

I thought that seperate SSL Handshake could be made for each of the 
requests, but I can't see such behaviour in the dumps. Only one or zero 
threads commiting a handshake, others appear to autoaccept it (maybe not 
a precise term).

> Also, is Tomcat front-ended by anything (e.g., httpd), or are you accessing it directly?
No, it isn't.

> Did anything else change when you upgraded Tomcat?  For example, the JVM version?
No, nothing changed. Btw - the Tomcat version is 7.0.12 and JDK's is 6.0.14

I'll update JDK tommorow, I'm not sure if it will change anything, but 
won't hurt neither...

I'll appretiate any additional help from you guys. Maybe there's any 
additional info I could provide to make things more clear? Please let me 


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