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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Host-manager and jndi data-sources question
Date Wed, 04 May 2011 22:48:10 GMT
chris derham wrote:
> All,
> So we have a single war file that we wish to be able to run for different
> clients, each isolated from each other. I noticed that with the host-manager
> app we should be able to setup a different host within the same tomcat
> instance.
> 1) is this the best way to solve our aim? Would we be better off with
> multiple tomcat instances - e.g. single catalina_home and multiple
> catalina_base? I think these would be better insulated, but there would be
> more admin overhead

If you have multiple <Host> within a single Tomcat instance, they can share the same
address and port, and differ only by their DNS hostname.
But if you bring down/up Tomcat, you bring down/up all Host at the same time.

If you run different Tomcat instances, each with one Host, you can bring down/up one 
instance/Host independently of the others.
But each instance will need its own port, or IP address.
This may be a good reason to use a front-end httpd, to hide these different ports from the


In both cases, you will need a distinct appBase for each Host, and will need to load your

war independently to each of them.

> 2) the app needs a database connection. How can we setup a jndi connection
> for each host? Each client would want a jndi connection using a different db
> account. What is the recommended way to do this when using the host-manager
Someone else would need to answer that.

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