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From Thierry Templier <>
Subject Re: mojk and utf8 charset problem
Date Wed, 18 May 2011 16:33:42 GMT

Sorry for my very late answer!

I took me time to solve the problem basing on what you suggested. In fact, there are two different

- I use Tiles and I don't specify header in all elements building the final page (<%@page
language="java" contentType="text/html; charset=UTF-8"%>). After having specified that,
utf8 characters display correctly.

- I also have a configuration problem at the MySQL JDBC driver level. Whereas the database
is configured for utf8, I also need to specify some parameters in the JDBC url (see

Thanks very much for your help!

> Logic would have it that, independently of what the server
> does,
> - if you have the same browser at the client side
> - if the HTTP response headers are the same in both cases
> - if the response content is the same in both cases
> then the browser should display the same thing.
> And if it doesn't, then one of the above premises is
> wrong.
> To my knowledge, there is no purpose-built mechanism in
> either the AJP Connector, or mod_jk, to change the response
> content after it has been produced by the application.
> There could be a bug somewhere however, in particular when
> talking about characters which may need more than 2 bytes
> for a proper UTF-8 representation (and chunked encoding?
> that may be a little-investigated area).
> But if the received content is the same, then this also
> makes no sense.
> Another test : what about using "wget" to retrieve one of
> your pages directly from tomcat and then through
> Apache/mod_jk, saving the result as 2 files, and then
> comparing these files with "diff" ?

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