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From <>
Subject Re: Why deleting of context.xml is NOT optional ? (after deploying the app)
Date Fri, 06 May 2011 12:29:40 GMT

Hi Mark,
hmm, "definitely" you are right that the files are deleted on "undeploy" not "deploy"
but don't you think it doesn't matter from the user's point of view ?
We are talking about autodeploying the webapp !

So you say that's definitely fixed for Tomcat 7, but still not fixed in Tomcat 6,
thank you for this hint, this will be the reason for me to migrate to 7.

Opps I forgot to put the link with the bug in previous post, I am sorry, here it is:



>On 06/05/2011 09:08, wrote:
>> Hi there,
>> all we know that once the application is autodeployed, Tomcat automatically deletes
>> context xml files related with this webapp.
>Huh? We don't all know that. You are going to have to explain yourself
>more clearly. No files are deleted on deployment.
>> it was written a lot of about this issue already and actually Tomcat developers say
>> it's by design, so it is NOT a bug.  I would strongly disagree here, but my question
>> WHY this behavior is not customizable ?
>There is no need to shout. It isn't helping your cause. You still
>haven't explained what behaviour you are complaining about.
>> I think A LOT of people would appreciate it !!!
>What is it with email that makes people abuse exclamation marks so
>frequently? Maybe Terry Pratchett is right.
>> There could be just 1 simple attribute on <host> or <Context> saying
if the context
>> files should be removed or not.
>Are you referring to what happens on undeployment? If so, take a look at
>Tomcat 7.
>> Here is the bug, which explains everything.
>There is no bug and no explanation here.
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