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From John G. <>
Subject Re: Tomcat 6 Context not created, deployment fails
Date Tue, 26 Apr 2011 03:19:56 GMT
Mark Thomas <markt <at>> writes:

> On 22/03/2011 21:53, Billy Bacon wrote:
> > Awesome Mark, that worked perfectly!
> > 
> > I'd like to actually run the app out of the war file without exploding it 
and I was able to accomplish this by
> setting unpackWARs="false" in the server.xml. 
> It shouldn't be doing that if the WAR is outside the appBase. That loks
> like a bug. Tomcat 7 was doing this and I fixed that fairly recently.
> > I know this isn't 'preferred' but how would I go about 'hot-patching' let's 
say a JSP for the webapp in this
> setup? Typically I do this within the exploded directory and the next time the 
JSP is requested, it
> re-compiles and life is good.
> In that case you'll have to expand your WAR and set the docBase to the
> expanded directory.
> > Regarding the documentation... I think it's great. I think a concrete 
example and mentioning (with an
> example) that the docBase needs to be outside of the 'webapps' directory would 
have prevented me from
> mailing the alias. I think I was close with what I originally had using the 
docs alone but it wasn't clear to
> me that the docBase needed to be outside of the appBase. 
> The relevant docs are:
> and
> There is certainly scope in there for a sentence or two about deploying
> a WAR/directory under a context path not related to its name and/or
> deploying a WAR/directory it multiple times. Drafts welcome.
> Mark

Hi Mark,

In regards to your recommendations, the documentation and in line with multiple 
contexts sharing a single war file:

- the situation is like the one above
- there are no crushes, Tomcat works fine
- 'docBase' is insensitive to both relative and absolute paths
- The issue: only one context can be accessed. 

- Tomcat version: 7.0.12
- Context: multiple, different names (i.e. ACon.xml, BCon2.xml, etc.),path - 
different,  everything else - identical, deployed in the same directory (meta-
- the name 'context.xml' MUST be present 
- other context files accepted but ignored
- The Manager indicates only one application available, located at the path of 
the 'context.xml'
- Errors generated if there are more then 1 (one) context / file (i.e. 
- the war file: contains all contexts
- we are using NetBeans for development and we haven't had any problems with the 
two integrated platforms

We would appreciate if you can have a look at it when you have a minute and let 
us know. We assume we make some kind of mistake.

Best regards,

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