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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: How to access session between multiple contexts?
Date Thu, 28 Apr 2011 15:00:48 GMT
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On 4/27/2011 8:58 AM, Caldarale, Charles R wrote:
>> From: Gregor Schneider [] 
>> Subject: How to access session between multiple contexts?
>> I have enabled the SingleSignOnValve (although authorization
>> is handled via some Spring-stuff) but I thought it is needed
>> to share the session among different contexts.
> No, the SSO valve does not cause sessions to be shared across contexts - that would be
a spec violation.  All it does is replicate authentication/authorization information across
the associated contexts of a given <Host>.
> I would think you could use a listener in each context that could propagate session changes
across webapps via some data structures maintained by a shared class.  Don't know if such
exists already, or if you'd have to create it.

Gregor could cheat and write a session-data-fetch servlet in the "main"
webapp and call it from the ancillary webapp. Just use URL-based session
ids when you call and it should work.

Gregor, what are your options for simply adding your code to the CMS
webapp and not bothering with the added complexity of a second webapp?

- -chris
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