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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: What monitoring do you use/recommend?
Date Thu, 21 Apr 2011 15:27:45 GMT

Maybe search Google for "nagios +tomcat" ?

Gautam R Singh (gautsing) wrote:
> Hi List,
> My team maintains a small Tomcat 6.x hosting environment for our group (
> intranet only) use. And its growing now (30+ production TC JVM
> instances). We haven't been doing any monitoring just the URL
> availability test . 
> And now we are looking for options to monitor it better, we enabled
> remote JMX on all the  JVMs but our existing "paid" monitoring software
> isn't smart enough to use the  JMX values intelligently. At the moment
> we just monitor the JMX attribute values (heap memory, threads, gc etc)
> and it spits out pretty graphs in reports. We would really want
> something which lets us -- if "Currentthreads"  are 95% of "maxthreads",
> send warn email or run this script.
> Don't want to deploy another war in each of those webapps dir and have
> 30 urls to check, something central which can query these via JMX rmi &
> maybe generate pretty graphs like those in jconsole?
> Thanks!
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