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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Working of Tomcat with MS Access
Date Fri, 15 Apr 2011 21:48:18 GMT
>> Also startup.bat is not there in the specified directory.

It is not there because you have downloaded and installed the "Tomcat installer" version,

and that one does not have a startup.bat file.

Stop your existing Tomcat service.

Go back to the Tomcat website, and download the appropriate "zip" version (32-bit or 
64-bit, depending on what your Java version is.
(you can see that by typing "java -version" in a command window)

Create a new directory on your PC (maybe call it "tomcat-zip") and unzip the zip-file there.

Then go to the /bin sub-directory, and type "startup.bat".
This will run this new Tomcat in the command window, under your own login user-id.
Verify that it runs, with a browser, by accessing "http://localhost:8080".

Type CTRL-C in the tomcat command window to stop it.

Then start modifying the configuration of this new Tomcat, to add what is necessary to run

you application.  Do it one little bit at a time, and try restarting Tomcat each time you

modify something, so that if there is a problem you know what you did wrong.

When that all runs, then we'll tell you how to setup this new Tomcat as a Windows Service.

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