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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: [ win xp and win server 2003 ] tomcat utf8 encoding
Date Thu, 07 Apr 2011 15:16:54 GMT
Tomislav Brkljačić wrote:
> Hi to all,
> this is my scenario and problem. 
> Situation 1. - local machine, win xp
> I have a web app deployed to tomcat, and the app has a webform for uploading
> attachments.
> Attachments can have funny letters (š,ć,čćžđ ) in the filename.
> I have set the file.encoding=UTF8 and UriEncoding = UTF8 for jvm and inside
> the server.xml.
> Everything works as expected, no anomalies in displaying the filenames of
> the uploaded files.
> Situation 2. - client machine, win server 2003
> Same webapp as in Situation 1, same tomcat configuration in all matters.
> But there is  aproblem.
> After i upload the files with funny names through the app, the filenames are
> scrambled and garbled.
> I checked the location of the files in the file system, and of course 
> uploadaed filenames are
> acrambled in the file system too.
> Obviously there is some other setting i need to check and syncronize, but it
> eludes me so far..
> Any help is very appreciated.
Can you provide the *exact* versions of Java, Tomcat, and whichever file uploading 
mechanism you are using ?
(meaning : to process the multi-part POST with the file upload, your webapp uses some 
additional mechanism; which is it ?)

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