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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Tomcat calling into itself
Date Tue, 05 Apr 2011 09:25:12 GMT
Pid wrote:
> On 4/5/11 7:56 AM, Michael McCutcheon wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I have a java webapp that is going to make calls to Solr.  Both the
>> webapp and Solr will be on the same server.
> OK.  Note it's a good idea to tell us what exact OS, Java, Tomcat
> versions you're running.
>> I have heard that it is not recommended to run the webapp on the same
>> tomcat instance as Solr, due to potential threading issues of tomcat
>> calling into itself.
> Oh dear.  That's a quite vague description, so it's really impossible to
> say what it means.  Can you elaborate?
>> Would it be best to run 2 instances of tomcat (1 for webapp, another for
>> Solr)?
>> Or is there a way to configure tomcat so that the webapp and solr can
>> run in the same tomcat instance, reliably and without threading or
>> performance issues?
> No idea.  If Solr has threading issues (I've not heard of any) you'd
> best ask that community.  Tomcat is not an OS or JVM, it doesn't manage
> all the threads in your app.
Right.   Plus, it is not really possible to answer these questions here, considering how 
many different types of configurations are possible with Solr and Lucene.  The OP really 
needs to ask on the Solr/Lucene lists, for what would be the most appropriate 
configuration for *his* use case.

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