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From Michael Jerger <>
Subject Re: How to limit tomcats thread consumption?
Date Tue, 05 Apr 2011 16:13:57 GMT
Andre wrote:
> That is one of those areas where giving a precise answer is not easy,
> because it depends on so many things..
> You can run two separate Apache httpd instances of course, each with its
> individual MaxClients setting.  But then you will have to give them
> separate listening ports, which may or may not make other things more
> complicated in your case.

I'm not shure about this - let me figure this out the next days. Are you 
interested in a way to run two instances on the same port?
I think I've seen such a configuration allready ...

> About Apache "children" versus "VirtualHosts" :

thank you very much for the elaborated answer - there are some good points to 
think about.

On question left for me (I think, you asked it allready) - why using apache in 
front of tomcat at all - if its so complicated to configure?

Do you have an answer to that question?

For me the answer is - security, loadbalancing and client certificate handling 
- at least in general and for larger applications.

In my scenario described the only good argument would be security - have you 
ever done/seen an pentest to tomcat without fronting apache?
Do you have a good starting point to read about this topic?

Kind regards,

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