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From Michael Jerger <>
Subject Re: How to limit tomcats thread consumption?
Date Mon, 04 Apr 2011 15:23:53 GMT

> thread != process

To be exact - "numproc - Number of processes and kernel-level threads" is 

> (Unless you're on a really old version of Linux.)

ubuntu10.4 isn't really old .. I think ;-)

> > Any idea how to cope with this silly process limit?
> 1) Are you sure you have a problem?

Yes - I'm not able to start an remote ssh shell - thats definitly a real 

> 2) If the provider is in fact limiting the VM to 256 _threads_, find
> another provider.

I will do this - but a dedicated server will take some time. In the meantime 
I'm forced to use the 1und1 VPH - so do you have any real suggestions?

Kind regadrs,

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