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From "Claus Hausberger" <>
Subject Problem with too many open db connections on Tomcat
Date Fri, 01 Apr 2011 11:36:32 GMT

I have a problem with Tomcat and open connections to an Oracle 11g database.

I use Tomcat 5.5, DBCP 1.2 and Hibernate 3.3 + Spring for DB connections.
For political reasons I can not upgrade to new Tomcat versions at the moment.

I have 7 deployed apps on the Tomcat. 4 user a datasource configured for Tomcat itself (in
context.xml) with a setting of maxActiv=20. This datasource is used by Hibernate via JNDI.
3 other apps use their own datasource with all together 15 db connections (everyone with maxActive=5).

So I thought that there should be at most 35 connections to the database. But netstat on Linux
shows that there are on average between 38 and 61.

I used visualvm to look at the MBeans for all apps and there at the datasource. All showed
numActive=0. According to my google search numActive shows the number of active connections.
I thought this would show me the number of active DB connections that Hibernate is currently
using. Am I wrong here?
It was weird that all always showed 0 for numActive.

Has anyone had a similar problem? How can I find out if and where I have a connection leak?

best wishes,

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