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From "Justin Randall" <>
Subject Re: Tomcat on a Linux virtual machine
Date Sat, 16 Apr 2011 03:39:45 GMT
Hi Darryl,

Is the database also running on a VM?  My experience with "problematic applications on VMs"
hasn't been related to the application itself (Tomcat, BIND, Apache, etc.) but moreso whether
they generate high volumes of local storage I/O (like a database using local disks).  The
impact this can have can also be magnified if your VM disks aren't properly aligned (a common
mistake in many older VM deployments).

The vendor should also be providing some form of justification for their statements.  Depending
on your virtualization platform of choice, there may be various utilities you can use to analyze
the performance of the virtualization host itself to help narrow down where bottlenecks may
be occurring.


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From: Darryl Lewis
To: Tomcat Users List
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Subject: Tomcat on a Linux virtual machine
Sent: Apr 15, 2011 23:18

I have an application (commercial) running on a virtual instance of Linux talking to a Postgres
We are continually getting locks on the DB that are crashing the app.
I think it's just bad programming on the suppliers side, but the supplier has latched onto
the idea that it is because it is running on a virtual machine.
Has any experienced any problems running Tomcat on a virtual machine similar to this?

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