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From Jonathan Rosenberg <>
Subject Container-managed Auth Confusion
Date Sat, 05 Mar 2011 17:59:51 GMT
[Sorry if this appears twice, my maill UI hiccuped.]

I thought I understood how contained-managed auth worked, but
obviously I'm missing something.

Hers' what I have right now

                       <description>accessible by authenticated users of the
adoption-admin role</description>
                       <description>These roles are allowed access</description>
               <realm-name>MyFirst Protected Area</realm-name>
               <description>Only ‘adoption-admin’ role is allowed to access this
web application</description>

I thought this would require auth for the url
/Adoption/application/list, but there is no challenge when I test.  I
have fooled with the url-pattern but the only pattern I can get to
work is '/Adoption/*'.  I have tried '/Adoption',
'/Adoption/application/list/*', but none of them cause a challenge.

What am I missing?

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