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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Can't move files using symbolic links (allowLinking=true)
Date Mon, 21 Mar 2011 20:39:52 GMT
Goyo wrote:
> Yeah, it's a very old version. But we can't change it, anyway.
> The details about the moving:
> The application (written in C), first, generates a new file which is stored
> in one directory, say "origin". This step is perfectly made.
> Then, the application moves this file to another directory
> "target". "target" was originally a regular directory, but, because of space
> restrictions, we have changed this folder for a symbolic link which points
> to another partition in an external drive. So, the path remains the same.
> The machine is a Red Hat Linux release 7.1 (Seawolf).
> The server is launched with the same user who is owner of the directory.
> This directory has the following permissions: drwxr-xr-x
> And the symbolic link has all the permissions up.
> Using a terminal, we're able to copy from the first directory to the second
> directory without problems (it doesn't matter if we do through the symbolic
> link or directly).
> Let's write it a little bit clearer:

Maybe you should have started this way. :-)

> We want to move a file from origin/ to origin/target/
> Previously, this movement was made perfect
> Then, we change origin/target/ for a symlink called target which points to
> another path in another partition.
> Now, it doesn't move the file when using the server application (although we
> can do it manually from the filesystem using the same user of the tomcat
> server).
Maybe a guess : under Unix/Linux, "move" (mv) is a "rename", and it is not the same as 
"copy + delete original".  And a "move" (rename) works as long as the source and target 
are inside the same filesystem, but not if they are on different filesystems.
(copy + delete does work in that case).
Maybe your C application (of which you do not have the source code), tries to do a "move"

internally ?

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