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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: [OT] Tomcat 7: manager application takes forever to deploy - or not
Date Fri, 18 Mar 2011 21:45:17 GMT
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On 3/18/2011 3:31 PM, Francis GALIEGUE wrote:
> On Fri, Mar 18, 2011 at 17:58, Christopher Schultz
> <> wrote:
>> Hash: SHA1
>> Francis,
>> On 3/18/2011 6:16 AM, Francis GALIEGUE wrote:
>>> I build my own CATALINA_HOME, the difference between the bundled
>>> tar.gz and my home are:
>>> * no i18n jars;
>>> * only the manager webapp, I don't need the others;
>>> * changes in logging, I only use the consolehandler;
>>> * Coyote connector only listens on localhost;
>>> * I use my own startup scripts, and the java command line is as such:
>> That's a waste of time for you. Instead, use a CATALINA_BASE with a
>> custom bin/ script to set JAVA_OPTS.
> Beauty hides in the eye of the beholder ;)

Fair enough.

> For one, the default startup and shutdown scripts won't account for
> the time taken for the webapps to deploy: when you use, the
> script terminates after the initial bootstrap is done - I don't want
> that. Similarly, the shutdown script won't wait until all webapps are
> undeployed and you can end with a stranded JVM trying to shutdown
> uncooperative webapps.

I'm interested to see how you are able to launch Tomcat and have your
script continue only after all webapps have been deployed. If you can
already do that, you can just call and perform the same
"stalling" technique after it completes.

The same can be said for shutdown. Your command line is not
significantly different from that which uses.

> Second, I use Linux only and don't need the cygwin/as400/etc specific stuff.

While that may be true, the startup scripts are often tweaked for
several reasons and you will likely want to get those updates.

> Third, what if you want to do SNMP monitoring
> ( etc etc)? You can't with the
> bundled scripts. Why? If you set JAVA_OPTS appropriately, these
> JAVA_OPTS will also be used for shutdown... Which means you can't
> shutdown at all: EADDRINUSE. Unless you arrange for different
> JAVA_OPTS on startup and shutdown, which I don't need to do with my
> scripts.

As Chuck suggests, you haven't read the documentation well enough
because has options to cover your situation described above.

- -chris
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