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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: timing the Tomcat SSL overhead
Date Fri, 18 Mar 2011 16:49:18 GMT
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On 3/17/2011 2:04 PM, andrei d wrote:
> So there are no relevant hooks in the Tomcat connectors and/or no way
> to instrument that code?

If you are using plain-old Java SSL, then Tomcat is not part of the
equation: the Java runtime establishes the connection and then hands-off
to Tomcat.

Your other option is to use Apache Portable Runtime (aka APR). I am not
sure if it has any hooks for instrumenting the SSL overhead. I do know
that SSL performance improves measurably when using APR rather than JSSE
(Java's SSL).

> I am trying to avoid using client test code for this since I'd like to
> do the measurement on a production system under real load.

To me, it sounds like client-based testing would actually be better if
you want to test it under load.

Are you trying to test different SSL configurations to see which is
best? Or so you just want to know how horrible your performance is over
SSL compared to non-secure HTTP?

- -chris
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