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From Eric Sheridan <>
Subject Read JSR 045 SMAP Files Produced by Jasper
Date Mon, 14 Mar 2011 20:53:34 GMT

I am developing an application that programmatically leverages the
Apache Jasper JspC facilities to translate JSP source files into their
Java (Servlet) equivalents. For this application, I need to be able to
translate a Java line number back to the original JSP line number. I
have JspC producing SMAP files which should contain most/all the
information I need. However, I am having trouble finding any existing
open source libraries that have the ability to parse JSR 045 SMAP files.
I was hoping to come across an open source library that offered API such as:

SmapParser parser = new SmapParser(inputStream);
Smap smap = parser.parse();
int jspLineNumber = smap.getJspLineNumber(javaLineNumber);

Does any such code exist? If so, would you mind pointing me to
it? If not, any alternative solutions to looking up the original JSP
line number given that I am working with Apache Jasper?


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