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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Chunked encoding not terminated with native library
Date Fri, 11 Mar 2011 21:45:32 GMT
Chris wrote:
> 1. Yes, tomcat is sending the header: "Transfer-Encoding: chunked"
> 2. I've also tried using close() instead of flush() and I've seen the same chunked encoding.
> 3. The nginx reverse proxying with the HttpProxyModule only supports HTTP/1.0 according
to the "Synopsis" section here:
> Based on my reading of the HTTP spec, closing the connection seems to be a valid alternative
to sending the terminating "0\r\n\r\n".
> Any ideas about why the connection wouldn't be closed when using APR?
I can't say exactly what, but something else also nagged at me when reading the original 
post : as I recall, HTTP 1.0 also does not support "keep-alive" connections.
Would there not be some invalid combination of request from the client for a keep-alive 
connection together with a HTTP 1.0 protocol, or with a setting at the Connector side ?
Maybe some code is getting confused at some invalid combination ?

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