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From David kerber <>
Subject Performance 5.5 vs 6 vs 7
Date Fri, 11 Mar 2011 20:02:12 GMT
How might I expect the performance of 7 to compare to a late rev of 5.5 
or 6.0.x, running under JRE 6?  Specifically, my application has lots of 
small, simple requests, and the app does nothing but de-obfuscate (it's 
not really sophisticated enough to call it encryption) the data and save 
it to disk.  But it does a LOT of them, 60 to 100 per second during 
normal operation, more during very busy times.  The overall average when 
I checked last week was about 60 requests per second for the previous 10 
days, around the clock, >4.5M per day.

I spent quite a bit of effort in optimizing my app last year, and got 
some big gains in it, but now I'm again starting to not be able to keep 
up with the increased flow as our customer has doubled their number of 
installations, so I'm looking elsewhere for potential improvements. I've 
already checked my connection bandwidth, and that still has some 
headroom, though not a lot.  Can I expect TC 6 or 7 to handle larger 
numbers of very simple requests than 5.5 can?


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