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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Automatically extracted Tomcat FAQs
Date Wed, 09 Mar 2011 08:32:48 GMT
Stefan Henß wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> I'm currently doing research for my bachelor thesis on how to 
> automatically extract FAQs from unstructured data.
> For this I've built a system automatically performing the following:
> - Load thousands of conversations from forums and mailing lists (don't 
> mind the categories there, don't discriminate between sources).
> - Build new categorization solely based on the conversation's texts (by 
> clustering).
> - Pick the best modelled categories as basis for one FAQ each.
> - For each question (first entry in a thread) find the best reply from 
> its answers.
> - Select the most relevant and well formatted question/answer-pairs for 
> each FAQ.
> For the evaluation I'm interested in expert's perceptions of the 
> results, e.g. if the questions are relevant, correctly answered, etc.
> Also as I'll release a paper about the approach I'd be happy if you 
> could rate one or two questions (stars on the details pages) so I'd have 
> some statistics to present.
> Here's the direct link to the Tomcat FAQs:
> (There are some other interesting FAQs as well at

The project sounds very interesting. (*)

But I had a quick look at the "Log / error /logging" part (just a psychological fixation 
of mine), and the questions and answers seem hardly relevant to "Log", "error" or 
"logging", and even for the most part irrelevant to Tomcat.
Or am I reading this wrongly ?

(*) My company's business is in the area of document and information management, which 
includes automatic indexing of literature etc..

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