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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Tomcat NTLM Authentication
Date Mon, 07 Mar 2011 15:10:41 GMT
הילה wrote:

> But does the Microsoft Driver has the ability to support windows
> authentication?
> If so, how is it implemented?

Don't know. You should ask Microsoft.  Or try to find out yourself, beginning e.g. at the

page I mentioned.
I would tend to think that, this being a Microsoft module, it would be rather unlikely 
that it would not support what MS considers as the standard authentication method.

(This being said, we will keep on telling you that it is a bad idea, just so you don't 
forget)  ;-)

> and by the way... what is the difference between this Microsoft JDBC driver,
> to what discussed earlier in a different thread, of tomcat pool JDBC (which
> use the tomcat-jdbc.jar file)? maybe i'm mixing two different stuff, but if
> so- why does it called the same?

JDBC is the generic name of a technology, or let's say the description of the interface, 
on the Java side.
That's why the name is similar.

All JDBC drivers behave more or less the same way on the Java side, but on the other side

they are each adapted to their particular database system.

So yes, you may have to change some details of your configuration for the driver.  The 
driver's documentation should tell you how.

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