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From David Fisher <>
Subject Re: Populating Oracle v$session.program from Tomcat Context.xml
Date Mon, 14 Mar 2011 16:03:18 GMT
> Hello all...
> We have some working tomcat 6 instances that we'd like to identify by
> querying the v$session.program field the oracle database they connect
> to. While there are no errors on startup for the tomcat instance, and
> we can connect to the database, nothing gets populated in v$session.
> This functionality seems to work for the oracle thin driver, but when
> I try using OCI nothing happens. The original field values persist.
> I've also tried the module and client_info fields, also with no luck.
> Here’s a sample from my resource block minus the extra stuff.
> <Resource name="jdbc/resource"
>                auth="Container"
>                type="javax.sql.DataSource"
>                driverClassName="oracle.jdbc.OracleDriver"
>                connectionProperties="v$session.program=MyApp;"
>                url="jdbc:oracle:oci:@MyService"/>
> I’ve posted this question to the oracle support forums with no luck,
> but I’m assuming more people here are running oracle than people there
> running tomcat. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

We've used both OCI from Fortran and Thin Drivers from Java for a long time.

As far as whether V$SESSION.PROGRAM is filled. It is not consistent for the Thin Driver, it
depends on proper matching of the thin driver version with the Oracle. For example version
9 JDBC does not populate PROGRAM on Oracle 8 database.

I have never seen the OCI set the PROGRAM value, but then we have been using the version 6
driver (code is from the early 90s). We are upgrading to Oracle 11 and I still haven't ever
seen the OCI driver populate PROGRAM.

So, I am also interested.

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