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From Tony Anecito <>
Subject Re: Performance 5.5 vs 6 vs 7
Date Sun, 13 Mar 2011 21:01:41 GMT
Hi Don,

As someone mentioned the network can imit you. If your bandwidth utilization is 
at 60% or over you are in trouble since collisions start to become a serious 

Also, I have measured around 600microseconds for resonse time when using 
localhost and running the client on the same server as Tomcat but that was still 
going through the network card om by motherboard. I looked ito gettting a faster 
network card but I kept hearing 2ms was the best you could get but I got down to 
1.2ms running from my laptop to my motherboard so my router (I have a high speed 
gaming router) and network circuitry on my systems is the current limiting 
factor and not Tomcat.


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From: David Kerber <>
To: Tomcat Users List <>
Sent: Sat, March 12, 2011 6:41:30 AM
Subject: Re: Performance 5.5 vs 6 vs 7

I've thought about that, but I would think I would be maxing out the cpu 
if tomcat's processing were the limit.  I'm running only about 8% cpu 
usage across all 4 cpu's.

On 3/11/2011 4:23 PM, Tony Anecito wrote:
> Hi David,
> I recently ran performance tests against version 7 and during that whole 
> discovered at best for a single instance of Tomcat 7 running on a 6 core AMD
> 2.8Ghz processor the best I could get running the client on the server and 
> loopback network (Localhost) was around 32K per second hitting a servlet that
> had no code. I was using APR also. By adding the network domain name where it
> forced the requests to go through my gaming router I could only get 2.2K
> requests per second. If I ran the client from a laptop on the lan I got around
> the same number.
> I have not looked into adding another instance of Tomcat but I suspect as you
> add latency and some form of code in a servlet it might get down to 100 
> per second. Remember if a single request takes 10msec at Tomcat and depending
> upon the amount of data and latency (say 100msec) you are already down to 100
> req per second at best. You might only get that at best.
> Regards,
> -Tony
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> From: David kerber<>
> To: Tomcat Users List<>
> Sent: Fri, March 11, 2011 1:02:12 PM
> Subject: Performance 5.5 vs 6 vs 7
> How might I expect the performance of 7 to compare to a late rev of 5.5 or
> 6.0.x, running under JRE 6?  Specifically, my application has lots of small,
> simple requests, and the app does nothing but de-obfuscate (it's not really
> sophisticated enough to call it encryption) the data and save it to disk.  But
> it does a LOT of them, 60 to 100 per second during normal operation, more 
> very busy times.  The overall average when I checked last week was about 60
> requests per second for the previous 10 days, around the clock,>4.5M per day.
> I spent quite a bit of effort in optimizing my app last year, and got some big
> gains in it, but now I'm again starting to not be able to keep up with the
> increased flow as our customer has doubled their number of installations, so 
> looking elsewhere for potential improvements. I've already checked my 
> bandwidth, and that still has some headroom, though not a lot.  Can I expect 
> 6 or 7 to handle larger numbers of very simple requests than 5.5 can?
> Dave
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