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From Thomas Freitag <>
Subject Re: Error in Tomcat when redeploying the Web application
Date Thu, 03 Mar 2011 14:34:59 GMT
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Hi Keshav,

On 02.03.11 um 14:39, Keshav Arora wrote:
> Hi All,
> We have been using Tomcat version 6.0.29 to deploy our webapp and everything
> works great. In our development environment we can deploy/undeploy our web
> app multiple times without getting any errors in Tomcat.
> Recently we switched to Tomcat 7.0.8 and every time we redeploy our
> application in Tomcat, we get the the following error in the
> tomcat7-stderr.log file
> SEVERE: Parse error in context.xml for /webapp
> invalid block type
>     at Source)
>     at Source)
>     at Source)
> To make our application work, we need to stop the Tomcat service and start
> it again.
> Can anyone suggest whats causing this problem?

You did not tell anything about your redeployment process. I assume
your just putting a new version of your war file to webapps/ (or
whatever appBase is configured to). Tomcat redeploys your app after
the timestamp of the war file is updated. It seems that this happens
before the war file is written completely.

You can avoid this by using a context descriptor file (usually in 
the conf/Catalina/localhost/ directory (see [1]) pointing to the war
file (attribute docBase) somewhere on the system. For a redeployment
you just have to change the docBase attribute to point to the new war
Another option is to copy the war file somewhere on the same
filesystem your tomcat is installed and move it to your webapps/


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Thomas Freitag
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