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From "jvr" <>
Subject RE: Tomcat and SSL
Date Thu, 03 Mar 2011 19:28:11 GMT
Yes, this helps me.
Thank You.

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Subject: Re: Tomcat and SSL

On 2 March 2011 15:56, jvr <> wrote:

> My question:
> If I'm not using JK Connector is mandatory configure tomcat as 
> stand-alone server?
> or, although I'm not using JK Connector I could consider Apache like 
> the primary web server?
> If you are not *somehow* forwarding requests from your primary web 
> server
to Tomcat, then you should configure Tomcat as a stand-alone server, yes.
*Somehow* for Apache httpd could be using JK or using Apache httpd as a
reverse proxy.  Either way, you'll need to change part of Apache httpd's
configuration so that it forwards the requests to Tomcat that you want to
receive in Tomcat.

Two processes cannot share the same TCP port on the same IP address.  So
assuming your machine only has one IP address: if you already have Apache
httpd on port 8443, then you cannot also configure Tomcat as a stand-alone
server on port 8443.  You could get Apache httpd to accept all requests on
8443 and forward some to Tomcat (Apache httpd would then be the primary web
server), or you could move Apache httpd to a different port and configure
Tomcat as a stand-alone server on 8443, or you could configure Tomcat as a
stand-alone server on a different port.

Does that help, or have I answered the wrong question? :-)

- Peter

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