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From Stevo Slavić <>
Subject Servlet 3.0, @WebFilter and ordering
Date Tue, 08 Feb 2011 09:31:28 GMT
Hello Tomcat users,

Now that Tomcat 7 is out with Servlet 3.0 support, I've been trying
out new features it brings. In pre 3.0 servlet era, one would specify
filter in web.xml and order they are defined in the xml would
determine order filters would get applied. I don't see support for
ordering in @WebFilter annotation. Am I missing something?

I know one can now programatically register filters - not sure yet but
I guess order filters are programatically registered determines order
they will be applied. But if this is the only way to control ordering,
@WebFilter is (almost) useless, without support of additional

Not sure if this mailing list is correct destination for this kind of
question. I apologize, if it isn't.


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