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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: how to caculate the PV,ip,PU according to the tomcat log
Date Mon, 28 Feb 2011 16:08:29 GMT
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To whom it may concern,

On 2/24/2011 8:34 AM, maven apache wrote:
>> Good question. What are PV, ip, and PU?
> Thanks for your attention and Sorry for my negligence.
> PV: page view, how many people visit a page.
> IP: how many ips visitor the website within one day or one hour...
> PU:Unique Visitor,
> For example:
> visitor A(ip: scan the site :
> Visitor B (ip: scan the same two pages
> Then VIsitor A change his/her ip to (but its cookie in her/his
> browser is not change) and visitor the two pages again.
> Then from all of the above,the
> ips=3 (three distinct ips)
> pv=2 (two pages)
> PU=2 (just two different person,although three ip.
> Is this clear?
> If not,I can add more. :)

No, it makes sense.

First, you asked about using the log for stats, and then showed an
example SQL query. Are you using a RDBMS-based log?

At any rate, what you need is a good set of SQL queries -- you might
want to talk to a DBA about how to do these things properly.

If you are using a log file, try searching Google for "web server log
file analyzer". We use Awfful for basic stats tracking.

- -chris
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