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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Memory Leak in Tomcat
Date Tue, 22 Feb 2011 23:47:41 GMT
הילה wrote:

The tomcat service (on windows) ran with local system...

Ok, now I get it.

> Now the tomcat service is running
(as a Windows domain user)
  and authenticates to the DB with a domain
> user

The above are two entirely distinct matters.

1) the Tomcat service was running as "LocalSystem", and is now running under a Windows 
Domain user

This does not require any additional components.
You just need a Domain user, with the appropriate privilege to run a Service on this 
machine, and to set the "logon user" in the service tab of the Tomcat service.

It does not require ntlmauth.dll (whatever that is, it is not a part of Tomcat), and I 
would bet that this, by itself, does not create any memory leak.

2) the Tomcat process authenticates to the database using a Windows Domain user.

This /does/ require additional components (the jdts-1.2.5.jar in the tomcat 6.0\lib folder

and the ntlmauth.dll which you mention), which is not provided by Tomcat, but apparently 
here :

So it looks to me that you should ask the developers of jTDS why you are experiencing a 
memory leak when using it.
I don't think that Tomcat per se has anything to do with this issue.

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