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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Automated installer for war files
Date Wed, 16 Feb 2011 18:52:45 GMT
chris derham wrote:
>>  Can you expand a bit on the above ?
>> (That seems to be the only part which is really Windows-specific).
>> Such as, what "variable" are you talking about, defined where ?
>  So currently we set catalina_home and catalina_base, cd into
> <catalina_home>\bin and run
> service install myApp
> then manually run
> tomcat6w //ES//myApp
> And under the java tab, manually append to the java options
> -Denv=uat
> for example. I think that this can be scripted using tomcat6w, e.g.
> something like
> tomcat6w //IS//myApp --JvmOptions -Denv=uat --Startup=auto
> I wrote the email to just try to ascertain which way is the "most
> popular/best" way to perform this
>> One other thing : it seems that when you talk about "tomcat instances", you
>> are really talking about nn separate installations of Tomcat, each with its
>> own top installation directory, and each with its /bin, /lib, etc..
>> sub-directories.
>> Is that how your setup is ?
>> Or do you have one single Tomcat software directory (%CATALINA_HOME%),
>> shared by multiple running Tomcat processes (each with its separate
>> When I said tomcat instances, I meant single catalina_home with multiple
> catalina_bases. I can see that this is ambiguous - I don't know if there is
> a better term that you guys use for this, as opposed to multiple
> catalina_homes?

No, you are right, that was the right term.  I just had a doubt, but you are doing this 
One more question:
Above, you mention "myApp" as the name of the Service.
I guess that you mean also "myApp1", "myApp2", ... (as many different services as you have

Tomcat instances), right ?

I don't think that there is a commonly accepted or used way of doing this kind of thing.
Personally, it looks to me like you are doing this in a sensible way, considering.
Others may have a better idea.

The only thing for me is : it looks as if the only "Service setup value" which is 
different from one Tomcat to the other, is this "-Denv=uat" flag.
I presume that this is something picked up later by the application.
If you could move this somewhere else (such as in the application's "context.xml", or an 
<init-param> in the webapp's web.xml), and have the application picking it up from there,

then it seems to me that this would alleviate the need of manipulating the Service's 
Registry parameters altogether, no ?
(and consequently also the need for stopping, re-registering and restarting the Service)

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