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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: IIS6 not forwarding requests to Tomcat 5.5
Date Fri, 11 Feb 2011 08:00:25 GMT

Something there does indeed not make sense.
Your configuration looks ok at first sight.
But this :

3. AccessLogValve is logging HTTP Connector request - - [11/Feb/2011:04:55:37 +0000] "GET
/analytics/res/Salsa_Glossary_en.htm HTTP/1.1" 304 -

seems to indicate
1) that Tomcat received the request
2) that it responded with a 304 ("not modified") status

(In other words, the browser had this in cache already, and sent the request along with a

"if-modified-since" header or the like, and the server answers "well no, it has not been 
modified since then, so your copy is still valid" (kind of)).

But anyway, the communication between IIS and Tomcat seems to work.

Why IIS would then respond with 404, I have no idea.
And how do you see that it answers with a 404 ?
What does the error page really say ?

Suggestions :
1) make a small modification to the page Salsa_Glossary_en.htm, save it, and then request

the same URL again in the browser.
(Or find a way to completely clear the browser cache; but with IE that may be tricky)

2) get yourself a browser plugin like :
- for IE : Fiddler2
- for Firefox : HttpFox or similar
These allow you to see exactly what the browser is sending, and what the server is 
answering.  It is like a protocol analyser, but specialised for HTTP.

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