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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: Jasper Compiling Error -> return type incompatible with JspSourceDependent.getDependants
Date Tue, 01 Feb 2011 23:08:37 GMT
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On 2/1/2011 7:59 AM, Kupper ext-FA, Thomas wrote:
> And yes, we did upgrade from RHEL5.5 to RHEL5.6 and the tomcat
> packages were upgrade. But since compiling did'nt work before I'm not
> sure what the impact of this update is. Getting rid of the 'work'
> directory is probably my best bet right now.

I don't think Tomcat likes being upgraded while a webapp is deployed.
It's best to undeploy the app (which is essentially deleting the work
directory), then upgrade Tomcat, then re-deploy the webapp.

Tomcat (of course) compiles your JSP files on the fly and might not try
to re-compile them if it doesn't think they need to be re-compiled (it
just checks file dates). I don't believe Tomcat keeps any version
information in the generated .java/.class files so it will blindly run
old versions that reference internal APIs that may have changed. That's
the most likely reason you are encountering this problem.

> I'll give that a go as soon as I got a service window and let you know.

If your pages are failing every time, I think that's grounds for an
emergency service window to suddenly open :)

> Well, I haven't done any precompilation yet. I was just wondering if that might help
pin-down the problem. Unfortunately I'm not a developer but a server admin and have no clue
how a build.xml should look like that ca 'simulate' a Tomcat/Jasper precompiling.

You can simulate the JSP compilation using the JSP precompiler, but I
suspect that things will work properly and you won't get any useful
information from the exercise. You could demonstrate that the new
version of Tomcat you have in production /is capable/ of compiling those
files properly... that might be a nice thing to show management.

>> Also, your version of Tomcat is very old. If you are using a
>> package-managed version of Tomcat, you may be stuck with an ancient
>> version. Consider using the canonical Apache version to stay up-to-date.
> The version we use is the stock Tomcat for RHEL5. For now I'm stuck with that version.


You should complain to RH, especially if you are an enterprise customer.
You need to tell them that they are seriously out of date.

- -chris
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