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From Jon Forster <>
Subject Mod_JK inserted header case sensitivity issue
Date Thu, 27 Jan 2011 14:25:28 GMT

I'm using:

Solaris10, Varnish Reverse Proxy, iPlanet 7 webserver (update 8),
Mod_JK 1.2.28 and JBoss 4.2.3GA

My scenario:

iPlanet Webserver with MODJK NSAPI plugin on Solaris10,
reverse-proxied to by Varnish proxy on same server.

 Incoming request flow as follows:

Browser (HTTP) =>Varnish => iPlanet Webserver => Mod_JK (nsapi plugin
within webserver) => JBoss (via AJP protocol).

Description of issue:
 A request comes into the webserver via the Varnish reverse proxy and
is passed back to the JBoss server via the MODJK plugin, when the
response comes back, the MODJK plugin inserts a Content-Length header
using mixed-case ie: Content-Length: <length> (as defined in
/native/common/jk_ajp_common.c), this is ignored by the webserver core
as it’s expecting inserted headers to be all lower-case (mentioned
and it duly inserts its own “Transfer-encoding: chunked” header,
leading to Varnish being presented with a response containing both
“Content-Length: <len>”  and “Transfer-encoding: chunked” which breaks

Is it possible you can verify the fix and cater for this in the source
so that it uses lowercase constants for iplanet/sunone/netscape
builds? Currently we’re having to manually fix and compile..please let
me know your thoughts.



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