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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: Problem with standard taglibs after precompiling a web app with TCD in 7.0.6 & no support for "addWebXmlMappings" in jasper
Date Mon, 31 Jan 2011 23:20:03 GMT
On 31/01/2011 22:51, Christopher Schultz wrote:
> John,
> On 1/31/2011 10:23 AM, John Bargos wrote:
>> Yeah, I checked that doc b4 starting, I also checked catalina.tasks in
>> catalina-ant.jar and the new jasper.jar libs in the deployer\lib, so
>> yesterday I thought the task def was ok and I was ready to compile.
> I've been playing with the JSP precompiler in 7.0.x and I'm working on
> an ant script that I hope will ship with Tomcat in the future. I'm
> including it in it's current form below.

You've seen [1] right?

> Currently, it will generate a web.xml fragment, but if you set
> "jspc.jar.file", it will even generate a JAR file that you can drop into
> your WEB-INF/lib directory and don't have to do your own web.xml merge.
> Cool, right?

That would be a nice extension to the current script

> 4. You saw different code generated by the precompiler and Jasper
>    running within Tomcat: that's because within Tomcat, Jasper can
>    rely on certain things being available such as tag pools. The
>    precompiler apparently does not do tag pooling. Don't worry
>    too much about this right now.

Huh? -poolingEnabled - defaults to true.

The output should be identical for identical input. It it isn't,
something is broken. With the exception of some white space differences
when I tested 7.0.x a week or so ago the outputs were identical.



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