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From David Smith <>
Subject Re: war app, Tomcat, public IP and port 8080 - remote access
Date Sat, 29 Jan 2011 16:35:08 GMT
This smells like a router/firewall issue and it only looks like the top 
level page at works.  Some browsers (IE) offer the 
cached copy when it runs into trouble loading a page fresh.  When you do 
get tomcat home page from your server at an internet cafe, try holding 
the shift key and reloading.  This forces most browsers to throw out 
cached versions of pages and redownload.  I'm wiling to bet it fails to 

Oh yes .. and as someone else said, don't use go2 proxy while testing.  
Disable it until you have the problem worked out.


On 01/28/2011 05:14 PM, Amilcar De Leon wrote:
> I have my server configured with a static public IP like (this
> is not my real one if you ask).
> There is another static public IP that came with the routher which is the
> same than the above, except for the last numer (eg I'm
> giving this as I don't know if you'd need this info too.
> So, on my server, if I type, I can run my app OK.
> The same if I try from another computer within the same LAN (connected to
> the same router).
> When I try to access that same address from another computer out of the LAN
> (eg an internet coffee), I get the error "connection time out". But if I
> only type I can see a page that says I'm sucessfully
> installed tomcat and links to the tomcat manager, tomcat documentation and
> others.
> An extra note, the first page of my app is a login page, and I can see it if
> I use the firefox addon calle Go2proxy, but then when I type the login info
> I gen again the connection time out error. Not sure if this is useful

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